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A technology for secure, trust- and privacy-ensuring communication. project. A new paradigm for social network development .

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Architectural Overview

Core is a user-controlled personal service: the userware. It serves the user as a central node for organizing and managing the communication and handling of his personal data. Although the userware can be hosted in the cloud as well as on user-devices, personal data access and communication are always kept under user control. By communicating userwares directly to each other, a decentralized network is established produced for exchanging entities such as user profiles, messages, files, etc ., without the need of a centralized, hosted platform. is targeted to integrate external services, like social web systems, thorough a framework for Service Gateways. Communication to services or users is based on distinct Service Accounts that allow for separating identities and channels, avoiding therefore unintended linkability of users. The platform is based on a semantic core that provides information models of the relevant concepts in the personal and social information sphere, including digital identities, trust of communication partners, privacy of data, context of communication situations. Semantic mapping and reasoning will support the intelligent management of personal data. A common interface (API) standardises the communication between personal services and clients on mobile devices or in the web.

Architectural Diagram architecture


The framework is an outcome of the project Integrated Userware for the Intelligent, Intuitive, and Trust-Enhancing Management of the User’s Personal Information Sphere in Digital and Social Environment supported under the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission. Framework maintained by